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What Are Handi Quilter Sewing Machines?

Whether you're interested in free motion work or you want to make a giant quilt, Handi Quilter machines have you covered. Crafted to be portable and affordable, these machines let you complete a wide variety of projects without consuming too much space in your home. Amenities include:

  • Integrated HQ technology
  • HQ warranty
  • Nationwide retailer support
  • HQ customer service

Each machine is handcrafted in the USA and follows a strict, seven-step quality control program before being released for sale. Ultimately, Handi Quilters are designed to work faster, stronger and more efficiently than your standard home sewing machine.

How Do Handi Quilter Machines Work?

Before we examine the different Handi Quilters available, it's important to review how machine quilting works. Every quilt consists of three layers:

  • Quilt top: This top layer consists of patches of colorful fabric, which gives the quilt a decorative appearance.
  • The padding: This middle layer features insulating material designed to provide warmth.
  • The backing: This bottom layer is made of plain fabric and supports the top two layers.

Although these layers can be stitched together by hand, using a machine is quicker and reduces the risk of mistakes. Sewing machines rely on three main parts: an electric motor, feed dogs and presser feet. The feed dog, a metallic element inside the needle plate, moves the fabric back and forth between stitches, while the presser foot keeps the fabric in place. Many machines also allow for embroidery, eliminating the need to purchase a separate embroidery machine to add borders to your project.

While quilts can be made with sewing machines, quilting machines offer features better designed for quilt-making. Generally, quilters choose between three main types of machine quilting: straight line quilting, free motion quilting and longarm machine quilting.

Straight Line Quilting

As the name suggests, straight line quilting uses standard straight stitches to attach the different layers of fabric together. A standard quilting machine features a walking foot that functions as a second pair of feed dogs, allowing you to feed through several quilt layers and slippery fabrics. While the foot helps hold the layers in place, most quilters also pin the fabrics to three quality canvas leaders.

Free Motion Quilting

Both free motion and straight line quilting rely on machine technology to encourage a small, consistent stitch quality. The main difference between the two is the level of creative freedom — unlike straight line quilting, free motion quilting allows for a wide range of stitches. A small needle is held in place above the quilt, which lets the quilter create straight, wavy and circular stitches.

Longarm Quilting

Quilters with big projects will need the help of a longarm machine. These machines, which extend 10 to 14 feet, let the quilter create a king-sized quilt in a relatively short period of time. Of course, they're best for those who have some experience in quilting.

Should I Buy A Handi Quilter Machine?

There's no doubt that a Handi Quilter is the perfect tool for any quilter who wants to improve their abilities and take on new projects. However, it's normal to be hesitant about ordering a new product online.

You can be sure that you have purchased the highest quality product, backed by the HQ warranty and the largest network of local representatives.

  • All machines are hand-crafted in the USA and built with integrated HQ technology following the Handi Quilter seven-step quality control program
  • Nationwide Retailer Support
  • HQ Customer Service and Technical Support

Which Machine Is Right For Me?

Handi Quilters aren't one-size-fits-all. Whether you want to create king-sized quilts or work on a free motion project, there are plenty of options to choose from, differing in size, price and features. To help guide you through the process, Handi Quilters use HQ technology — the automation reduces the risk of human error, leading to a consistent stitch quality. Most machines also come with actual quilting space that integrates well into a home or professional studio.

To make the right choice, it's important to consider your precise needs and choose the machine that meets those best. Here are some of the different models available.

HQ Sweet Sixteen

The Handi Quilter continues to impress with the HQ Sweet Sixteen, which comes with a high-speed rotary hook, a responsive foot and a professional-grade combination table. Other features it supports include:

    • 16 inches of throat space
    • Adjustable table height
    • Needle-stop position control
    • Precision and cruise stitch regulation
    • Project timer and alarm

HQ Capri

Like the HQ Sweet Sixteen, the HQ Capri model comes with an adjustable table that's perfect for quilting in small spaces — it offers four times the quilting space found in your average home sewing machine. Designed for free motion quilting, it boasts a high stitching speed of 2,200 stitches per minute and is compatible with handi-foot add-ons, including quarter-inch and open-toe feet.

HQ Simply Sixteen

With a variety of different sizes available, the HQ Simply Sixteen is perfect for a beginner or advanced quilter interested in making anything from standard to king-sized quilts. It also supports a variety of amenities, including:

    • Easy needle change
    • Integrated USB port
    • LED light ring
    • Two customizable preset speeds
    • Ergonomic front handlebars

HQ Amara

Like the Simply Sixteen model, the HQ Amara is available in different gallery frame sizes. Quilters can choose between three versions:

    • 5' Little Foot Frame
    • 10' Gallery2 Frame
    • 12' Gallery2 Frame

Whether you pick a smaller model to make baby-sized quilts or a larger version to craft king-sized quilts, you can enjoy brightly lit throat space, a pinpoint needle laser, built-in tie-off stitches and a high-speed rotary hook.

HQ Forte

Built for speed and precision, the HQ Forte comes with a pinpoint laser and three customizable preset speeds. It allows for speeds of up to 2,500 stitches per minute but can also move at a slower rate for novice quilters. The machine comes with either a 10' Gallery2 Frame or 12' Gallery2 Frame.

HQ Moxie

With 15 inches of free-motion freedom, the HQ Moxie gives quilters control over everything from pierced tops to the finished quilt. Thanks to the straightforward, easy-to-use controls, users can stitch quickly and efficiently without worrying about basting and cramming.

HQ Infinity

The HQ Infinity is a longarm machine that offers everything you need as a professional quilter. With personalized handlebars and a stitching speed of up to 3,100 precision stitches per minute, quilters have complete control over their projects. Other amenities include:

  • Customizable settings
  • Programmable presets
  • Intuitive software

HQ Pro-Stitcher

You can't go wrong with any HQ machine. However, if you really want to take your quilting skills to the next level, consider integrating a unique machine display that helps guide you through even the most difficult quilting projects. The HQ Pro-Stitcher offers a touchscreen tablet that can be conveniently mounted onto any of our HQ models, making quilting easy to learn and perform. It also offers a variety of features, including:

  • Button for switching between computer-guided and free-motion quilting
  • Design resizing, rotating and repeating
  • Two-point rotation for horizontal designs
  • Customizable speed and stitches per inch
  • Horizontal and vertical channel lock
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